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NEARLY SPENT is an edgy pop-punk/rock band from Southwest Florida. Originally formed in 2020, Nearly Spent blends the soundtrack of skaters everywhere with the melodramatic darker sounds of the emo movement. Their new single “Drowning” sees a line-up change for the band and debuts a more serious side of their music; saying goodbye to the past as well as goodbye to those we loved, while still longing for their return. “Drowning” is a follow-up to the sophomore debut of their self-titled EP. Coming off a wild 2022 including a US tour in the northern Midwest region, that ended with getting a massive crowd pumped up at Danny Wimmer Presents Incarceration festival in Mansfield, OH. In September 2022, their hometown was destroyed by Hurricane Ian, which was the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. Drowning not only reflects the member changes but also the challenges they faced in rebuilding and recovering from a traumatic disaster.


Ryan Vega (Vocals, Guitar): Ryan's passionate vocals and skillful guitar work serve as the driving force behind Nearly Spent. With heartfelt lyrics and energetic stage presence, he captivates audiences and brings the band's songs to life.

Juuzo (Guitar): Juuzo's dynamic guitar playing adds depth and texture to the band's sound. Whether delivering catchy riffs or melodic solos, he contributes to the infectious energy of their music.
Leo Cartelli (Bass, Backing Vocals): Leo's solid bass lines and backing vocals provide a strong foundation for the band's songs. His rhythmic precision and harmonies enhance the overall sound and contribute to their catchy hooks.

NEARLY SPENT is "not your average neighborhood pop punk band" and is looking forward to releasing more music and touring with their new lineup in 2023.

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