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ENVIED BY ANGELS — In early 2020, after pursuing several different music projects, guitarist/producer Adam Blackner made a return back to his roots in rock music. With initial ambitions of creating a solo, instrumental rock project with sounds pulling from the 2000’s alternative, emo, and post-hardcore genres, Adam began writing and recording songs under the band name “Envied by Angels” (EBA). During the recording process, Adam began exploring the idea of finding a vocalist and began his search on the music collaboration website to see if there was a vocalist that would be a good fit for the music. After searching through a long list of singers, Adam came across the profile of vocalist/producer Alfonso “Fonz” Cervantes, noticing that they shared some of the same heavy rock influences. 


After hearing a demo showcasing Fonz’s vocal ability in heavier genres, Adam was convinced and decided to move forward with Fonz to finish vocals on the last 2 songs of the Valor EP. The two clicked immediately both professionally and personally. It became quickly apparent that the two shared an intense creative chemistry, primarily born out of a shared history of listening to the same bands in the rock/alternative music scene, which made for an intuitive songwriting process. 


In the following weeks after their debut EP release, a pivotal phone call was had between the two to discuss the future of EBA. It was then that Fonz was established as an official member of EBA and made plans to fly out to California in early 2021 to shoot the music video for the band’s first official single with the newly solidified lineup. 


From then on, EBA has continued to develop their sound, pulling from a variety of rock influences ranging from the heavy, guitar driven riffs of post-hardcore, emo and metalcore, combined with the melodic elements of pop-punk and alternative genres. EBA seeks to explore the sonic possibilities of blending the “old” with the “new” in such a way that is innovative and inspiring to those who have an affinity for the rock genre. With a primary focus of shedding light on difficult topics, EBA aims to address issues of depression, anxiety, difficult relationships, death, sickness, and trials of many kinds in order to bring hope/encouragement to others who are dealing with similar issues. Their hope is to let others know that they are not alone and that there is value in talking/dealing with the heavy and hard things of life rather than pushing them down and turning to more destructive ways of coping. Ultimately, EBA seeks to foster a deep, personal connection with those who resonate with their music.

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