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JON CAR is a Texas-based powerful vocalist, dynamic singer-songwriter, and self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He began playing and writing songs on the piano at the early age of four years old. The JON CAR Band (formerly Hyde After Nine) has performed at over 900 shows, festivals, and private events. CAR's music is a synthesis of several sounds, resulting in a new EDM pop-rock genre. His compelling vocals are reminiscent of Nickelback's Chad Koeger, with lyrical elements from Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds. The rhythm, tempo, and writing style are similar to Charlie Puth and The Chainsmokers while also incorporating traces of Justin Timberlake's melodic and lush vocals. CAR’s vocals are mesmerizing, enthralling, captive, authentic, and sensual. The latest EP “DREAM-119” is available now on all streaming platforms via Affiant Records.